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Eat with champagne

Plat champagne

Initially associated with parties and aperitifs, the champagne is also suitable on many other occasions. Its lightness enhances the tastes and reduces fat after-tastes, that is why it is perfect with foie gras and cheese but not only, far from it. Sparkling and delicate, it will amazingly suit both sweet and savoury dishes. A champagne meal will make your evening an exceptional event. In order to choose between a vintage or a rare product, you can purchase champagne on line with Imperial Montreux.

The necessary steps

Always serve cold but not iced (6-8º C) and keep the bottle chilled in an ice bucket. It is scientifically proven: the champagne must be preferably served in a flute that was not washed in a dishwasher but manually. In fact, a machine washing gets rid of too many fat molecules on the surface of the glass or crystal, your champagne will then go flat far too quickly.

Dishes to avoid

They are very few, champagne blends perfectly with many dishes.
Avoid dishes that are too spicy or pungent, and with herbs or artichoke.
Fish with a strong taste like sardine and anchovy.
It is said that red meat is not suitable for champagne, with one exception: a good parmesan carpaccio will burst onto the palate with champagne!

The delights

Describing a champagne is not very complicated. Its character ought to be dry or sweet. Aside from some rosé, it does not make much sense to speak about the body, we are rather looking for ideal aromas, clear and fresh in the main.

For a special champagne dinner, the ideal order in many cases would be a dry, a blanc de blancs, a blanc de noirs or a prestigious cuvée and semi-dry for desserts.

However, a meal can be accompanied by a dry champagne from the beginning to the end.

For a romantic dinner, a vintage whose date matches with the relationship might be a good idea. If the year to be celebrated does not match with a vintage cuvée, a rosé could make a difference.

Sugar determines the best combination. A dry champagne accompanies grilled fish very well or in sauce or seafood in general.

Champagne is very suitable for white meat (breast preferably), sea fish, caviar and roe, shellfish and seafood.

And for a very special day, a truffle-based dish served with champagne will become an unforgettable experience.

Similarly, champagne is suitable for some hams, if they are not too salty.

Sushi and champagne can be the perfect blend if the acidity is right.

It always suits salads, rocket salad in particular, or even avocados and tomatoes.

Fruity and intense, it is perfect with cheeses and a great combination with dry fruits such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, figs and dry apricots.

It enhances every dessert and lovers drink it while tasting ripe strawberries.

Try for yourself!