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Frédéric Ausoni and the art of good taste

It was a love of travel and luxury goods which inspired the bon viveur Frédéric Ausoni and gave birth to Imperial Montreux. You will also be able to admire a selection of Imperial Montreux products in the delightful window of the La Griffe Ausoni Montreux luxury boutique which has graced the Grand-Rue in Montreux for over a century now.

Imperial Montreux

Hiding behind this name is first of all the word “empire” and the wondrous Montreux region with its lake and its mountains, chosen by Hemingway, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky amongst others and which Hans-Christian Andersen barely concealed when he wrote "Imagine these proud, wild mountains, capped with snow, with the calmest of lakes and a path winding between the lush vines". Imperial Montreux – the desire to build a realm of good taste, choosing the best every time.

Our goods

Here is the splendour of a palace drawing room or an English manor house, but also adventure and travel. A shot of vodka will transport you to Russia and the banks of the Volga and its wine to enchanting vineyards. Fabergé eggs will take you round the hushed universe of the palaces of the tsars. And Beluga Caviar, black pearls from the Caspian Sea, will invite you to dine with kings. Imperial Montreux is also the simplicity of a meal amongst friends, wild laughter in front of the fire, tipsy nights with a head full of stars and the song of cicadas on summer nights. A tailor-made dream for everyone a mouse click away.

Frédéric Ausoni